College Planning

Echelon partners with Strategies for College and Colleges in Beyond to help students go to their dream college, while also helping them afford it without debt for the rest of their life.​

College and Beyond


For many years, the CEO of College and Beyond LLC has been providing timely advice to parents and students about college scholarships, career identification, college selection, application and essay review, college admissions timelines, test prep, college funding and much more.

Families are often confronted with many decisions: How do test scores, GPA, extra-curricular activities and athletics, just to name a few, factor into the selection process? How do you find scholarships? What college to choose – public or private, highly competitive or a more relaxed environment? What major or career should the student select? And the BIG question, how are you going to pay for your child’s dream college?

College applications, essays, and financial aid forms must be completed in a timely fashion. College and Beyond LLC helps students and parents navigate their way through every aspect of the college process. College and Beyond LLC wants each family to see their son or daughter attend the right college, at the right price, pursue the right major and graduate right on time!

Strategies for College – Guidance You Can Trust


The college search can be an extremely stressful process for both students and parents. Most students heading for college feel as though they’ve got the weight of the world on their shoulders.  They see so many decisions to be made, but in all too many cases, those decisions are made without the confidence that comes from identifying a clear direction. Our national four-year graduation rate is at an all-time low – 42%, largely because of students making wholesale changes to their line of study.

Strategies in College believes in helping students fully understand and appreciate their unique strengths, talents, communication and learning styles.  Armed with this self-awareness, subsequent college major and career choices are made with confidence, and less stress increasing the probability of on-time graduation.

Do you want to learn more about our college planning services? Contact us to discuss what’s best for you.